Lemony Grilled Shrimp Scampi with Orzo Pasta
Serves: 6 servings
  • 3 T olive oil
  • 1½ lbs large shrimp, peeled & deveined
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 t hot red-pepper flakes
  • ¼ c fresh lemon juice
  • ½ c dry white wine
  • 1 t salt
  • ½ t freshly cracked black pepper
  • 6 T salted butter
  • 1 lb orzo pasta
  • ½ c chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • Marinade:
  • ½ c lemon juice
  • ½ c canola oil
  • 1 tbsp. chopped parsley
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 T lemon zest
  • 2 t dry mustard
  • 1 t salt
  • ½ t freshly cracked black pepper
  1. Marinating & Grilling the Shrimp: Place shrimp into a large Ziploc bag.  Whisk together marinade ingredients and pour over shrimp and close bag tightly.  Place bag in a bowl and into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, cook orzo according to package directions.  Preheat grill to high heat.
  3. Remove shrimp and reserve marinade.
  4. Thread each shrimp onto wood or metal skewers.  I prefer metal because the food doesn't usually stick to them and they don't burn while grilling, plus they're reusable.  They're really pretty inexpensive and you can usually find them in the camping section of most stores.
  5. Grill shrimp over medium hot coals or medium-high on a gas grill.  Brush shrimp skewers occasionally with reserved marinade.  Grill for about 2 minutes on each side or until pink and firm.  Remove from grill and allow to cool for a few minutes and then remove skewers.
  6. Putting it all Together: Heat oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Add garlic and red pepper flakes and saute until fragrant.  Immediately add the lemon juice, wine, salt, and pepper and cook over high heat, stirring occasionally for about 1 minute.
  7. Remove from heat and add butter, whisking until glossy and melted.  Toss shrimp in buttery mixture.
  8. Toss pasta well with shrimp mixture and parsley in large bowl, adding some of reserved cooking water if necessary to keep moist.  Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, to taste.
Recipe by Jennifer Cooks at https://jennifercooks.com/lemony-grilled-shrimp-scampi-with-orzo/